Information about VIOL 3 in English

From VIOL 2 to VIOL 3

The current VIOL will be phased out and replaced by a next generation system called VIOL 3. Go Live for VIOL 3 is May 2, 2025.

VIOL 3 is not an upgrade of VIOL 2. It is a completely new business system where interfaces and the way of working in the system involve major changes and require planning. Therefore, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the new business system to know how to work.

As a customer, you will be able to take part in what the current VIOL offers, but with some differences in what the objects are called and how they are handled. In VIOL 3, Biometria has tried to keep the services we offer together to a greater extent, although there may still be different inputs depending on what you as a user want to achieve.

The change to VIOL 3 is required and it is crucial that all actors in the business chain cooperate to plan how the transition to VIOL 3 should look like.


The current VIOL 2 system was built in the late 90s with the aim of reporting quantity and monetary value of goods in the forest wood supply chain. Functionality has been continuously added to the system which has resulted in a very complex software. Among other things, it is no longer viable to develop the VIOL 2 system further or to combine data from different functionalities.

Biometria, which is a member-owned company, has therefore been commissioned by its Board to develop a new VIOL system, VIOL 3, which will result in, among other things, increased business benefit and a safer development of our services.

What do you need to do now?

You need to prepare your business for the Go Live of VIOL 3 to be able to continue using Biometrias services.

  • Contact your IT-system partner evaluate required adaptations prior to Go Live of VIOL 3
  • Request master data registration for VIOL 3

    To be able to carry out business in VIOL 3, you need to request Biometria to register certain master data.

    You need to place your request as soon as possible regarding:

  • HUVUDKOD, which is a unique superior identity within your organisational structure, issued by Biometria.
  • Organisational structure, if needed for your organisation
  • Locations relevant to you
  • Your users of VIOL 3

    See more about what these terms are below.
    To place your request(s) of master data, please send an email to our support:

Order basic data for VIOL 3


  • HUVUDKOD is a unique term for Biometria.
  • Existing HUVUDKOD can be used.
  • Legal entity is registered with HUVUDKOD + internal number consisting of five zeros, e.g., 08990-00000.
  • To describe the financial dimensions of an organization, an organizational structure can be drawn up.
  • Each organization is itself responsible for the correctness of the information registered and is responsible for updating it in the event of changes.

What is Locations?

  • The structure of locations differs between VIOL 2 and VIOL 3 and in order to use the structure in VIOL 3 in the best way, it is important that you understand it before you map and order places.
  • The function of the locations in VIOL 3 is important for companies in the raw material business, transport companies and measuring companies who need to know the location where raw material deliveries are to be loaded and unloaded, possibly reloaded, and measured.

What is Users?

  • Just like in VIOL 2, you as a user in VIOL 3 will have different authorizations based on the types of activities you intend to carry out in the system.
  • The biggest difference in the authorization structure between VIOL 2 and VIOL 3 is that the roles in VIOL 3 should reflect the role you have within the company.

Training courses

Biometria is currently developing training courses for VIOL 3 and some of them will be available in English.

Do you have any questions?

Please contact our Support: